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Ice Services tailor-made for you!

          Curbside Self-Service 
                    Locations:   *2000 S Rogers St, Bloomington
                                     *1330 Becky Skillman Way, Bedford

          Delivery Service
                    Get Ice Delivered to your Event, Festival, or Construction Site.

Our Goal is to provide Clean, Pure, Healthy, Great-Tasting Drinking water for you.

We treat our water with a five-stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration System that removes contaminants, toxic metals, dissolved solids & chlorine, as well as unwanted orders found in the water.

5 Stages of Filteration:

  1. Sediment Filter is for Dirt, Rust & Other Particles

  2. Carbon Block Filter is for Chlorine & Odors

  3. Reverse Osmosis Filter (RO implemented as environmentally required) is for Salts, Lead & other impurities

  4. Carbon Block Filter is to Improve Water Taste

  5. UV Light is for Safe Great Tasting Water

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Our machines are Environmentally Friendly!

  • Ice is made with Highly Filtered Water

  • Ice is made On-Site and "on-demand"

            Enjoy Ice Cubes rather than a big block of ice

  •  No toxic emissions from Big Dirty Delivery trucks

Locally Owned & Operated

Women-Owned Business

Veteran Owned Business

Machines are made in Georgia, USA

Our machines are ADA compliant and are ETL listed and NAMA certified.

Want a Ditto Ice Self-Service Water & Ice machine at your location -


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Get 5 gallons of Highly Filtered Water at Ditto Ice for $1.50
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Operations | Mailing Address

7727 S Zikes Rd, Bloomington, IN 47401

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