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How Would you Like Your Ice?

Ditto Ice is your local Ice Provider.

Our operations are located in Bloomington, IN.

We are so very proud to be a:

Veteran Owned Small Business

as well as

Woman Owned & Operated.

With over 30 years of experience in the Customer Service Business,

Ditto Ice looks forward to providing you with timely and reliable service.


Ice Delivery is NOW Available

Ditto Ice is dedicated to providing the highest quality

Regional Ice Delivery Services for

Monroe County & the surrounding counties.


Ditto Ice provides Ice Deliveries for all of your Ice needs:

  • Weddings / Memorials

  • Parties / Tailgates

  • Graduations

  • Campgrounds

  • Construction Sites

  • Factories

  • Marinas 

  • Festivals / County Fairs

  • Even Restaurants


Our reliable and friendly staff is committed to ensuring that your

Ice is delivered on time and in excellent condition.

Call to Schedule an Ice Delivery Today @


Self-Service Ice & Water

Self Service Locations are

Open Every Day, All Day

24 hrs / 7 days / 365 a year

Cash & Card Welcome

Current Locations:

2000 S Rogers ST, Bloomington | shared lot with Bloomington Food Mart

1330 Becky Skillman Way, Bedford | shared lot with Tropical Sno

Our Goal:

Our Goal is to provide Clean, Pure, Healthy, Great-Tasting Drinking water

for you & the ones you love.

We treat our water with a five-stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration System that removes contaminants, toxic metals, dissolved solids & chlorine, as well as unwanted smells found in the water.

5 Stages of Filtration:

  1. Sediment Filter is for Dirt, Rust & Other Particles

  2. Carbon Block Filter is for Chlorine & Odors

  3. Reverse Osmosis Filter (RO implemented as environmentally required) is for Salts, Lead & other impurities

  4. Carbon Block Filter is to Improve Water Taste

  5. UV Light is for Safe Great Tasting Water

Need a Bottle to fill?

Need a Cap for your Bottle?

Try Amazon

Our Ice machines are Environmentally Friendly!

  • Ice is made with Highly Filtered Water

  • Ice is made On-Site and "On-Demand"

            Enjoy Ice Cubes rather than a big block of ice

Machines are made in Georgia, USA

Our machines are ADA compliant and are ETL listed and NAMA certified.

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